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Frequently Asked Party Questions

Question: What are the best ways to invite people to my party?
  • >Nothing will replace a personal conversation, so the best method is to call and invite your friends personally.
  • >"Blitzing" your friends using our popular Blitz Cards.
  • >Post flyers on the local bulletin boards around your neighborhood.
  • >Frequent Status Posts on Facebook & other Social Networks.
  • >Creating a Facebook Event & inviting all your friends.
  • >Send a Text Message to all your local contacts.
  • >Send an Email invitation to all your local contacts.
  • >Place and ad in your local newspaper
Question: What should I serve at the party?
  • >Water. We recommend people drink plenty of water during and after wrapping.
  • >Fresh, cut up fruit is optional.
  • >Did we mention Water? Plenty of water.
Question: How long do the parties last?
  • >Depending on the number of guests, Wrap Parties usually last about 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • >Remember that your guests will leave the wrap on for a minimum of 45 minutes
  • >It's best if you have help wrapping, measuring and picture taking.
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